2018-2019 Staff

Camryn Snyder

Editor-in Chief

Camryn, a senior this year, is the editor-in-chief of the Informer. She is an active member of student council and the National Honor Society.

Graciana Rodriguez

Senior editor

Graciana, a senior, is the design editor for The Informer this year. She is involved in student council, book club, and is on the golf team. She loves to use her creativity to come up with new ideas and designs.

Olivia Graham

Business Manager

Natalie Angst

Business Manager

Megan Hendley

Senior Website Manager

Megan is a senior this year. Megan is also a senior editor and runs the online news.

Morgan Velderman

Junior Website Editor

Morgan is a junior this year. She loves to take pictures and this year she is the junior website editor. She is also the current stage manager for the drama club and head of the social media sub-team in the robotics club.

Gabby Paquet

Photo Editor

Gabby, a sophomore, is the photo editor for The Informer. She really loves taking pictures and writing stories. She plays basketball, volleyball, softball, and dances.  She is also an active member in FFA....

Regan Yates

Junior Design Editor

Regan is a sophomore this year. This year Regan is the junior design editor. She spends her time working on the Newspaper and in the high school's drama program. Her hobbies include sleeping, binge watching "Friends" on...

Kezzie Dietz


Kezzie Dietz is a fourteen year old freshman in highschool. She enjoys reading and writing. She loves hanging out with her friends and playing basketball.  

Emma Heyd


Emma Heyd is a sophomore this year. She does seventeen hours of dance in a week and is on the competition team. She also plays soccer, and is in the band. She enjoys writing, editing, reading, and spending time with friends in h...

Georgia Hill


Olivia Sivak


Olivia Sivak is a junior this year. She likes to take pictures and play sports. She also enjoys taking pictures of people playing sports and the outdoors. The sports she plays are golf, softball, and basketball. ...

Zoe Marcum


Zoe Marcum is 13 years old and a freshman. She loves to draw/doodle, read, paint , and listen to music. When she is older she would like to go into tattoo design.

Elena Kozachik


Elena Kozachik is a junior and enjoys hanging out with friends and practicing pitching in the off season. She hopes to attend MSU and study agricultural education when she graduates. She also enjoys walking her dog and reading in ...

Makayla Hegerty


Makayla Hagerty is a sophomore this year and she enjoys playing volleyball. She loves camping with friends and family. She also love kayaking and her passions include sleeping after a long day of school and eating Chinese food....

Isabella Ramirez


Isabella Ramirez is a 16 year old junior who is part of set crew in drama. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and listening to music. She loves animals, Netflix, and spicy food. Her dream for the future is to write and publ...

Grant Goetschy


Grant Goetschy is 14 years old and is a freshman.  He is a member of the Laingsburg FFA, and co-president for the freshman class office.  He enjoys reading, and plans on participating in track this Spring....

Daisy Wilson


Daisy Wilson is a freshman and is fourteen years old. She enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends, and going on ski trips with her family in Winter.

Ellie Thelen


Ellie Thelen is a junior and her favorite things to do are play sports, participate in the school band, and read books. She spends hours picking out books at Schuler Books. Ellie also enjoys hanging out with her best friends and s...