FFA National Convention

Ellie Thelen, Reporter

Every year the Future Farmers of America (FFA) meet at a nationwide event called National Convention. The convention consisted of a wide variety of experiences such as speakers, concerts, rodeos, job fairs and chances to participate in service projects. Attending National Convention annually is a big hit at Laingsburg High School as many of the students that attended the convention have gone multiple years in a row.

“This was my third year going,” junior Logan Hagerty said. “ There are new things every year that happen, and it’s really fun because things change.”

Students had the chance to experience these new events at National Convention along with other members of FFA from across America who were also interested in learning about leadership and meeting new people.

“As we like to say, FFA reaches from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico and from Maine to Hawaii,” junior Mariah Byrnes said. “Every place you can think of.”

This extensive variety of people allowed for a wide range of events FFA members had the option to attend. One of which includes speaker presentations about leadership, motivation and other topics.

“They bring in really cool keynote speakers and have presentations about leadership,” junior Adrian Eggleston said. “Last time I went they brought in a man that had no arms and no legs who was a motivational speaker, and it was really cool to listen to what he had to say.”