The Effects of Stress

Grant Goetschy, Reporter

“A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances,” is Oxford Dictionaries’ definition of stress.

Stress can cause harm to your body and mood, but it is necessary to some degree and can actually be a positive thing. There are four different kinds of stress: eustress, acute, distress and chronic stress.  The positive one of the four is eustress, and it occurs when you get a promotion or get accepted into a college. The two negative stresses are chronic and distress. Examples of these negative stresses are work and financial problems, respectively.  

“Most of it [stress] comes from school because we are expected to do all of this school work and studying, but then we’re also expected to put 100% of our effort into our sports too,” sophomore Hayleigh Mertens said.  

So what can be done to reduce stress, and what happens if it is left unchecked?

It is stated by Mayo Clinic that stress can create bodily issues such as headaches, muscle tension or pain, sleeping problems and fatigue.  They also claim that stress can affect a person’s emotions by causing restlessness, lack of motivation or sadness and overwhelmedness. Stress can also potentially lead to anxiety.  

There are many tips, tricks, and solutions for controlling stress.  What works is specific to each person, and individuals have to figure out what works best for themselves.  The American Psychology Association lists five ideas for stress-relief techniques: meditation, social support, smile and laugh, exercise, and simply taking a break from the stressor.   

“I try to manage my time well, I found that when I procrastinate it’s [stress] worse,”  freshman Alyse Rowley said.

Although this works for Rowley, it does not for everyone.  Luckily, there is a day designated to figuring out what works best for each person.

On July 4th we take the time to reflect on the freedom of our country, and on the third Monday in February we take time to remember those who led our nation.  November 7th is National Stress Awareness Day, but not many take time to ponder about stress. So this November 7th, take some time to think about your relationship with stress, and what ways of managing it work best for you.