Importance of Voting

Daisy Wilson, Reporter

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The midterm elections are filled with many different candidates that the public can vote for. The elections come every four years and whoever is elected will make many choices on  how America will operate for the next four years. Even though the elections have an important impact to America, they also show other countries how seriously we take voting.

The midterm elections take place Nov.  6, 2018, but some specific states, not including Michigan, got to begin voting before the official elections for certain issues. One big part of the elections is which of the two main political parties (Republican or Democrat) will win the house. It is estimated that Democrats will not win the house and the Republicans will keep control. This controversy  will not be the only topic of discussion this year. Another area of interest includes whether each of the 50 states will elect or re-elect a senator. Overall America has 100 senators, and each state has two. However, Michigan is not just voting for a senator in the upcoming elections, we are also voting for a state Governor.

Even with the multiple impacts of voting, people still are not paying enough attention. In the past 60 years it is estimated that only 40 percent of eligible Americans vote in the midterm election.

“The only reason not to vote is if you disagree with both sides,” senior Holden Patterson said.

Preparing to vote is a time consuming process. You have to know what topic you are voting for, who or what you are able to vote for, and where to get the correct information to form an opinion on the topic. With all of this, it can be difficult to fit into your normal daily routine.

“It takes a lot of time and I don’t want to use incorrect facts. It is also stressful,”  senior Malinda Barberio said.

Luckily,  in this day and age, it is simple to gain access to the internet and find almost any answer to a political question. But with all this time and research does your vote even count?

“I think even one vote counts because voting shows what change we want to see,”  sophomore Alexandria Claus said, “If you don’t vote and you don’t like who was elected you should rethink how important your vote is and vote next time.”

43 percent of Americans believe their vote actually counts. Many Americans who say their vote means nothing argue that since America has so many people, their vote will not change the outcome of the election. However, the other 43 percent say your vote does count because the outcome of the election had some part to do with your vote. They also say without casting your vote you never truly got a say in who was elected.  

“I don’t have a deep reason to vote , or a convincing reason to vote. I don’t feel compelled to change anything,”  senior Caleb Fisher said.

Then others say they just do not  need to vote. Not because their vote does not count, but there is nothing they want to change. There are many different ways to deal with voting, but overall voting does make a difference and voting does not get enough attention from Americans.