Big History Lesson

The fifth grade classes take an educational field trip to many historical establishments around the city of Lansing

Grace Buchholz and Sierra Peters

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Throughout the years teachers and educators have become aware that student learning may be improved in hands-on environments. This year, the Laingsburg fifth graders experienced hands-on learning with the big history lesson. The big history lesson is a week long learning experience that allows students to learn about the history of state government and how it works.

Students from both Mr. Meyers’ and Mr. Balow’s classes traveled to Lansing, Michigan to explore many buildings and museums to expand their historical knowledge. The lesson included visits to the state capitol, the Hall of Justice, the Vietnam Memorial, a mining gallery and museums.

“I really enjoyed visiting the Supreme Court and also touring the capitol,” fifth grader Hazel Burley said.

Throughout the week, students learned many valuable lessons about history and Lansing. Lessons were taught by educators in the learning center at the Hall of Justice.

“I learned about the years of Lansing’s buildings and how they have changed,” fifth grader Ellie Tortorella said.

The goal of this week long lesson was to help prepare the students for future learning and provide more insight of how the government works.

“This whole week has been something that I’m always going to remember,” fifth grader Bella Latuszek said.