Girl Scout Gold Award

Zoe Marcum and Isabella Ramirez

Girl Scouts do more than just sell cookies. They help the community, gain valuable life skills, connect with other girls in the area, and earn awards. One of these being the Gold Award.

The Girl Scout Gold Award can only be earned by high school girls who have already earned their Bronze and Silver Award. This year, six Laingsburg Girl Scouts are on their way to earning this award.

“The Gold Awards is the highest award a girl scout can receive,” junior Ellie Thelen said, a Laingsburg Girl Scout participating in the Gold Awards.

This award does come with challenges though. There are many requirements to even try to earn this high award; a Girl Scout has to be registered as a Girl Scouts Senior or Ambassador. To add to that, they either have to already have the Girl Scouts Silver Award and complete one journey, or complete two Senior or Ambassador journeys. Eighty hours is required on the project. Girls spend a lot of time on these projects, but our there any benefits?

“I think it’s a great opportunity and looks good on a college application,” Thelen said.

Girl Scouts with the Gold Awards may be eligible for college scholarships, and Gold Award Girl Scouts who enter the armed forces will be given a rank higher than the rest of the recruits.

This prestigious award is a symbol of the hard work Girl Scouts go through, and have been since 1916 when the Gold Awards was created. Now it’s the current Girl Scouts turn to earn their award.