Cheer Clinic

Emma Heyd, Reporter

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Many people have a role model to look up to. The Laingsburg high school cheer team is inspiring some little ones to cheer. The cheer team works very hard to pump everybody up at the Friday night football games and now they are teaching younger kids to cheer.

For many years the high school cheer team has had a cheer clinic to help out younger cheerleaders and teach them some new skills. They met after school for two days, practiced, and perfected.

“We really focused on teaching them cheers and how to stunt. We taught them a little bit of tumbling and jumps, too,” senior Harley Yoder said.

The high school girls taught a variety of different things to do on the sideline. While some of the kids have done cheer before, others had not.

“It really encourages little kids to want to join cheer and it’s a lot of fun for the ones that can’t do cheer because they don’t have it that young at school,” sophomore Mattison Nethaway said.

The high school cheerleaders worked hard to teach them lots of different things and educate them in the sport.

“Each day we had three to four different stations and one station would be chants, another would be motions, jumps, and then tumbling,” sophomore Vada Marcum said.

They practiced for two days and at the home football game they brought out the young cheerleaders to show off their new skills.

“We all got matching bows and shirts for the game and we had a lot of fun,” Marcum said.

The combined teams cheered all night and supported the football team on Friday. Each cheerleader, young or old, had an experience at the camp they will never forget.

“My favorite part was seeing all the little kids happy and looking up to us as their role models,” Nethaway said.