Band on the Run

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Band on the Run

Grant Goetschy

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Sophomore Tabitha McDowell plays the bass drum for community members.

Junior Anne Claus, sophomores Alexandria Claus and Kaelyn Meyers, and freshman Allison Shaw perform the fight song in hopes of donations.

You cheer them on and are mesmerized by their incredible performances.  However, have you ever wondered how you can help support the people that leave you so spellbound at every half-time show?

On Sunday, Sept. 23, the Laingsburg High School Band conducted its annual Band on the Run fundraiser for the eighth consecutive year.  The Laingsburg band split up into groups of four or five and toured around Laingsburg for a fundraiser.

“We have about twenty groups that go out in different parts of Laingsburg, going door to door playing a short song and asking for donations,” senior Ava Doyle said.

Doyle has been in band since sixth grade, and plays the clarinet.  Although she enjoys band, it would not be nearly the same without the band instructor, Thomas Cousineau.

“Band on the Run is kind of a kick-off for homecoming week, and I think the band is a big part of that, with school spirit and helping to get the crowds pumped up for the football game,” Cousineau said.  “There’s a lot of festivities that happen and I think this is just our way of helping to create the atmosphere for a fun homecoming. Also, the donations help to supplement the cost for kids to go on trips.”

Cousineau has been a band instructor for sixteen years, nine of which have been at Laingsburg.  Cousineau implemented this fundraiser to provide more opportunities for the band students. One of the many students who appreciates this implementation is sophomore Tyler Scanlan.

“It’s activities like this that help to give our band such a strong foundation to go on,” Scanlan said.  “Without stuff like this, we probably wouldn’t have a lot of opportunities in band.”

Without fundraisers like Band on the Run, the band would not be able to do nearly as much as what it can now.  Could you imagine if those beloved halftime shows did not leave the audience nearly as captivated? So if you hear the Laingsburg fight song playing outside next year, make sure to grab some spare change on your way to the front door.