Natalie and Graciana get Real: Freshmen Advice

Seniors reflect on their times as freshmen

“High school sucks”, “Get out as fast as you can”, and “Just get good grades”, are phrases we have all heard many times before entering the infamous milestone on our academic journey: High school. However, this blip in our timeline is more than just a few tests and school dances. It is a time of discovery and revelation.

As we enter our senior year we take some time to reflect on what we wish we could change about our high school experience. The first thing we would do
is get involved and try everything. We would have tried as many sports and clubs as possible, and gotten involved whenever, in whatever way possible. A good way to get involved is to find out about clubs and events happening after school. Do you enjoy singing your heart out to Cardi B songs? Join choir! Does your Sunday night consist of battling it out on fortnite? Join Games Club! No matter what your interest, there is always a captivating activity to try!

Along with getting involved we wish we would have had more fun in high school. This means more than just going to sporting events and school functions. Although attending games and events and cheering for the team like a crazy person is always a blast, having fun outside of school is just as important. Sometimes school can be stressful and you just need to go out and enjoy life! This can mean going shopping with your best friends, going bowling with your classmates, or catching a movie with your teammates. Find an equal balance of doing well academically, getting involved in your school, and having fun with your friends!

As we all know, the worst part of high school is the actual “school” part of it. However, although it may be hard, and at times very stressful, school is more important than we both realized. Grades matter, and although life will go on if your grades are not the best, life is much easier when you keep them up. As we start applying to colleges we have realized that grades and test scores are a main element in your acceptance at our colleges and universities of choice. Grades stick with you much longer than either of us expected as freshmen. Find the common ground between working hard and hardly working!

In the end, high school is much more than just teachers and classes. It is about finding what you like, what you are interested in pursuing, and how you can use that to better yourself and the world around you. So, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the day to day life of being a high school student, stop and remember the bigger picture.