Pure Michigan: Hit or Miss?

Students give their opinions on the chosen homecoming theme

Grant Goetschy

Homecoming would not be half of what it is without a good theme. A theme can either make or break a homecoming season. There are many varying opinions of this year’s theme, but no matter what, this year’s homecoming season was definitely one to remember.

This year, the homecoming game against Saranac fell on Friday, September 28. The homecoming week had a theme of Pure Michigan. This could mean anything from the Great Lakes, to crazy weather to enchanting cities. But what did the students of Laingsburg High School think of this theme?

“I like this year’s theme,” junior Ava Brewer said. “I think we had lots of good options to choose from for our floats.”

Brewer absolutely adores homecoming, and her favorite theme has been Disney Movies. Freshman Emma Koenig also loved the theme of Disney Movies and wished that she could have been just one year older so she did not miss it. Although Koenig and Brewer agree upon their favorite theme, they have a different opinion of this year’s choice.

“I think that the ideas that people came up with for floats were good, but in general, I feel like it’s a little boring,” said Koenig.

Another homecoming enthusiast is junior Brady Hawks.

“I think that homecoming is great. The whole town rallies around the school and the school really gets a chance to show its spirit,” Hawks said. “This year’s theme is definitely different.”

Hawks’ opinion of homecoming definitely would not be as high without the hard work of student council. One member, Taylor Chadwick, clarified how the council came to the decision of selecting Pure Michigan as the theme.

“It was a long discussion between Mr. Morrill and all the students that were a part of it [Student Council], and it was a really difficult decision,” Chadwick said. “It was between [two] options and we just had more variety of things we could use with the Pure Michigan idea.”

I personally enjoyed this year’s theme because there were so many things that could be done with it. Michigan has countless beautiful natural attractions and, according to Pure Michigan, the state had more than 5.6 million out of state visitors in 2017. There is no wonder why so many people come to visit Michigan, as we have so many places to tour. We have four of the five Great Lakes, and such masterpieces of Mother Nature’s as the Pictured Rocks and Tahquamenon Falls.

Another reason that the theme was so widely encompassing is because Michigan has such a rich history. Michigan has been home to many Native American tribes, many of which are still here today. In 1908, Michigan was put on the maps when Henry Ford invented the Model T. From this point on, Michigan has been recognized as the birthplace of automobiles.

Michigan is also home to many captivating places. One of which is Mackinac Island. As you gaze across the horizon, watching a setting sun dip below the gentle waves of Lake Michigan and Huron, your gaze falls upon one of the most incredible feats of man – Mackinac Bridge.

Mostly though, I feel the theme was great because we were clever enough to take advantage of living in such a beautiful state by making it our homecoming feature.