Buchholz at the Box Office

Director Corin Hard releases a new horror film in time for Halloween

Grace Buchholz

In “The Nun,” director Corin Hard takes us back to a 1950’s monastery in Romania. The Vatican, suspicious of a once holy abbey, sends a Romanian priest and a soon to be Nun to investigate a death in the church. Upon arrival they realize the grounds are anything but holy. Working together they try to vanish an evil spirit back to where it came from.

With a $22 million budget and a 96 minute run time, this so called horror film is mostly full of jump scares and suspenseful music. Advertised as the horror film of the year, the film only got a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.8 out of ten stars on IMDb.

“When I first saw the trailer for the nun I thought that it was going to be super scary,” senior Anna Thelen said. “When I went to see it though, it ended up being a pretty mediocre movie with only a few jump scares.”

With creaky floors and foggy hallways, “The Nun,” follows just about every horror story cliche there is. With suspense as characters turn corners and open doors, this prequel to “The Conjuring” series loses the meaning of horror.

This prequel does not exactly fit clearly with the other movies in “The Conjuring” series, that scored four out of five stars on IMDb. In the “Annabelle” story, which is a spin off of the first “The Conjuring,” movie, the audience is introduced to a doll. The doll becomes haunted when the nun that looks after it spends time in a monastery where the Valvak, the evil spirit, resides. As of “The Conjuring 2,” the Valvak is seemingly vanished. The writers should eventually decide if they are including or excluding the demon, enough of the back and forth.

“It had really good jump scares, but the plot didn’t really tie into the Conjuring series,” senior Mckenna Follen said.

Horror requires planned anticipation and built up suspense to be successful. In this film that is hard to do when everything is thrown at the audience. Rather than an audience screaming they do more of sighing. The effort is appreciated, but the overall product was less than great.