Sports Spotlight: Tabitha McDowell


Kezzie Dietz

Sophomore Tabitha McDowell plays on the football field with the junior varsity team.

Shining lights, screaming fans, and the rush of playing on the field are all parts of a typical Thursday night for number 58. Football season comes around again, and while other girls are cheering from the stands, sophomore Tabitha McDowell is getting ready to play.

For McDowell, participating in the Powderpuff game was a game changer. It is the one night a year when the girls of the school get a chance to play their hearts out in flag football.

“I kind of wanted to play football in the beginning, before I played Powderpuff, but then Powderpuff made me really want to play,” McDowell said.

McDowell began playing football this season and enjoys being part of the offensive line and playing quick guard or strong side tackle.

“It’s fun, but a lot of hard work being on the offensive line because you have to know what you are doing during each of the plays,” McDowell said. “It’s like any other sport. I play it because I like the sport and enjoy the game.”

Being the only girl on the team may be challenging for some, but for McDowell it is an enjoyable environment in a sport she loves to play.

“It just matters that I love the sport and I want to play the sport,”McDowell said.

McDowell knew that she could do it, and she set her mind on doing her best in a sport she loves.

“There’s no real difference really, it’s still a sport and it’s still something fun to do and play and it doesn’t really matter that I’m the only girl on the team because the guys act like I’m a sister, a friend, a teammate,”McDowell said.

While McDowell is not the first girl to participate on the football team, she is the only one this year.

“Touchdown, for Laingsburg Wolfpack!” blairs through the announcement speaker.

“The final score for tonight’s game is 40 – 21.”

“At the end of the game, it does not matter if we win or lose,” McDowell said. “I’m proud of myself and my team for working hard.”