Hoco Propo?

Junior Gregory Olmstead asks senior Ava Dolyle to homecoming.

September is the time where many students get excited for cider, football, and proposals. Not typical wedding proposals, involving a ring and getting down on one knee; these proposals usually involve a witty sign asking a lucky someone to homecoming.

Many students at Laingsburg High School have proposed to a lucky classmate asking to attend the homecoming dance together.

“It was really funto make the signs and put work into it because guys don’t normally get asked to dances,” junior Myia Danek said.

Some students were caught off guard by a secret admirer, while others were not surprised at all to find their significant other on the end of a quirky poster.

“I asked her with a poster and got her roses and a bear,” junior Jacob Christie said. “The sign I made said ‘I’d be beary happy if you went to homecoming with me.’”

Some girls, like junior Myia Danek, asked their friends to go to homecoming, in a very elaborate way, Danek asked her long time friend, junior Colt Wurm.

“I lined up signs I made on the road to his house and they spelled out ‘Will you go to homecoming with me’” Danek said. “And when he turned into the driveway, I was holding the question mark.”

Some of the proposers’ friends got involved in the process as well, offering suggestions and helping create posters, making it practically a whole school event. Even the teachers got involved.

“Mrs. Salinas thought of the idea of what the poster said, and Ava Brewer helped me with writing the words on the poster,” junior Gregory Olmsteadsaid.

Olmstead asked senior Ava Doyle with a pun about music- something she is very fond of.

“I made a sign and it said ‘Keep me out of treble and take me to homecoming,’ because she is in band and a drum major,” Olmstead said.

Creating homecoming signs as a way to impress their fellow classmates is a fun and creative outlet for some of the students.

With all the suspense and preparation leading up to the big event, on Sept. 29, students danced the night away with their charmed homecoming dates.