German Exchange

German exchange students come to America for two weeks to experience American culture


Gabby Paquet and Regan Yates

For 40 years, Laingsburg High School and Melanchthon-Schule have had an exchange program. Every other year, German students travel to America and stay with Laingsburg students for two weeks. Then, in June, Laingsburg students go to Germany and the British Isles. The American students stay with the German students while they are in Germany. The program gives students an opportunity to experience new cultures and meet new people. Teachers Rhett Ried and Vicky Wickham are in charge of the exchange program.

“By putting yourself in these positions and embracing it, you are going to experience culture, whether you are hosting somebody or traveling,” Reid said.

While the German students were in America, they took field trips to Chicago, Mackinac Island, Shipshewana, and Lansing. They also attended a few days at school with their host students.

“I loved Chicago, it was great. I also liked Mackinac Island and seeing what a school day looks like in the different classes,” German student Mona Schmiermund said.

While LHS students are in Europe, they will also travel to many places and see many different things. They are going to visit Ireland, England, Scotland, France, and Germany.

“We will be going to school with them, and taking some field trips with them; do some things that they do [in Germany], and just experience their culture,” Ried said. “The whole idea is to experience a new culture with a family.”

The German students got to know their host students and families during their time in America while hanging out with the families. The families had free time to take trips and experience more American culture.

“I loved my host family because we gt along so well and the trips we went on were really fun,” German student Lena Vogel said.

The host students gave their German students a look into Michigan by taking them to different places. Some hosts went on trips and others went to local places to experience the culture.

“I went to PRIME music festival and that was a really fun experience and I really enjoyed it,” German student Moritz Luckhardt said.

Overall, it was an eventful two weeks for all the students involved with the exchange program.