Justice FLEX for All

The Laingsburg Middle school added on some new FLEX classes this year

Natalie Angst, Reporter

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Every school day at 7:55 A.M., middle school students find their way to a FLEX where they may read, work out, plan events for the school, practice their lines for the play, or get extra help on math.

Many students view FLEX time as a relaxing, stress-free part of their day; often, FLEX classes are also a time to get help in subject areas that studens struggle in academically. There are also some enrichment FLEX options available: in the past, students could take such FLEX courses as science olympiad, aspiring teachers, and personal conditioning.

“Laingsburg Middle School teachers have done a wonderful job of choosing FLEX classes based on student interest, as well as options we know students will have in high school, such as service learning, jazz band, broadcast, science olympiad and agriculture among others,” Principal Brandon Woodworth said. “FLEX is a great time for students to find something they are passionate about.”

This year, the middle school has added some new FLEX options to their schedule in order to appeal to a larger group of students. One of the new classes is called Justice League.

“Justice League is a group of students that try to help other students find a better solution for a problem they may be having with friends or family,” eighth-grade student Madison Audretsch said. “It is really just a place where people can come and talk where everything is confidential.”

Justice League is lead by teacher Sara Kurka. This class is not just new to the students, but to Kurka as well.

“I have loved working with the students so far,” Kurka said. “I am super excited to see the positive impact the Justice League will have on the school.”