LHS Gets Cracking

Olivia Graham, Reporter

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The chicken comes first at Laingsburg High School. On Sept. 26, a freshman science class, Agricultural Biology, received 75 chicks. This program has been established at the high school more than eight years ago.

The chickens will be raised for five weeks with the intention of making clean, healthy food for the consumers.

“The most important lesson that the students learn would be that what they put into their chickens, is what they get out,” teacher Bethany Eggleston said.

The first step in holding this high quality standard is to prepare a safe space for the animals to live.

“Our Agricultural Biology class has strung heat lamps, sweeped out the pens, and made a chick guard to keep the baby chicks in the pen,” freshman Emily Gutzman said.

The students will not only learn how to produce wholesome chickens, but also develop other valuable skills.

“I think I will learn how to be delicate and respectful with the animals,” Gutzman said.

At the end of the five weeks, the students are invited to go to the processing center, where the chickens will be butchered, packaged, and then donated to the Laingsburg Food Bank.

“The kids say that it is one of their favorite field trips to go on because they actually see how their food is processed,” Eggleston said.