Justice for the Janitors

Kadin Beck-Kusnier

Recently at the Laingsburg High School, there have been numerous attacks on the boys’ school bathroom that leave parts unusable or even outright destroyed. While it is seen as fun and games by these unknown misbehaving students, it causes a mass ripple effect for the boys and the administration through the school. From small things such as having to make the boys collect toilet paper from the office and return it afterwards to the administration having to call in workers to fix broken pipelines and clean up messes. 

Possibly just as affected in these alterations are the innocent boys who have to deal with the consequences of a small group of individuals. Various students had many different takes on the situation. Some people thought it was funny. 

“I thought it was funny,” Zach Slider said. 

Other students also found the events humorous.

“I’m not here enough to use the bathrooms, but I find it hilarious that people would still do that,” said Logan Consgrove. 

While it can be funny that people would do such inappropriate acts, their stance is not the same as everyone else who may use the bathroom more often. 

“The toilet paper incident I was not happy about, I had to go to the office to get toilet paper, which is not very nice,” said Tyler Flynn Lacey.

The one who undoubtedly is most affected by these attacks is school janitor Marty Divine. Everyday he cleans our school, which includes the boys bathroom, yet students make his job so much worse through the recent vandalism. 

“I think it’s too bad that there are kids who would do that,” Divine said. “It makes a lot of extra work for us, and also the maintenance guys, having to go down and clean up flooded bathrooms and stuff. It keeps people away from other jobs they should be doing. I think it’s a shame how the whole school has to pay for a couple of kids’ actions.” Marty is not the only faculty member affected by the vandalism, but is certainly the most.

The prolonged streak of vandalism culminated in an email being sent out by the Laingsburg High School principal, Brandon Woodworth, condemning the actions of the students. In the email, he also introduced the routine of students having to get their own toilet paper from the office.