March is Reading Month

Josephine Keenan

In elementary school, kids are learning the skills that will set them up for success throughout their school career. Reading is a huge part of not only school, but life, and every teacher’s goal is to make sure that kids are given all the best tools to help them on the journey of learning to be better readers. March is Reading Month is an example of an amazing tool used for students to learn how to be better readers and have fun while doing it. 

March is Reading Month takes place at Laingsburg Elementary School during National Reading Month and was created in honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday. During the month, kids are given a log to fill out based on how much they are reading every day. Some teachers may give prizes for the student who can read the most pages, books, or even for who improves the most. Although prizes may be involved in some cases, the main goal of teachers is to get students more engaged in reading and teach them to learn to enjoy books. 

At Laingsburg Elementary School, the faculty takes pride in making sure the students are excited about reading. During March, high school students had the opportunity to go down to the elementary school and read to the younger kids. As well as reading to them, they also made their time in the classroom memorable by talking, joking, and laughing with the young students. At the beginning of the month, multiple kids were nominated from every high school sports team to go down to the Elementary School and participate in a parade for the kids. 

Some kids may struggle with reading whether they enjoy it or not, but during March is Reading Month, they are sure to grow their skills and expand their creativity and imagination through the magic of reading.