Float Building

LHS students build their classes floats for the Homecoming parade.


Nichole Steffens, Reporter

Float building is a tradition at Laingsburg High School held as a competition between grades to see who can build the better float. These floats are shown in the homecoming parade and then are sat outside the football field during the game for spectators to view.

This year’s float building was held on Thursday, September 16th during the school day. The day was broken up into three sections so that every student could get a chance to participate in the fun. The class officers of each grade were outside all day to help lead their grade to victory.

“Sketching and painting the back piece [took the most time]. It took around four hours total,” senior Riley Freeman said. Freeman was outside the entire day to help with all of the art decorations for the float.

The senior class drew on their three years of float building experience for guidance and ended up winning the competition. The junior class took second place, the freshman class third, and the sophomore class came in last. 

“It took us a while to tell each group what was going on and it was hard to get people to listen sometimes,” sophomore Kaitlyn Kingsbury said. Each class can only use items that were donated or bought using fundraising. They can also only use hand-made items that were made the day of float building. All students put in their best effort and contributed their most creative ideas to help make the floats the best they can be.

At the end of the day, it is not about who wins or who loses. All that matters is that students have fun and enjoy their time during this fun homecoming week tradition.