Homecoming Parade

Parades, Pretty dresses, and Panic.


Riley Walker, Reporter

On September 17th, 2021 Laingsburg held a parade throughout the center of town containing various groups of students ranging from Den Defender football players to the High School Band. The whole experience is widely enjoyed by the community, such as watching a child squeal in happiness as they get personally handed a necklace or a piece of candy.

There was, however, a slight slip up, Mason Bartley, a Junior homecoming court representative, had the wrong location and was late to the parade. Bartley was found by LHS Principal Brandon Woodworth wandering through the halls and was immediately rushed to the elementary school via Woodworth’s golf cart. 

“All I thought about as we were whipping to catch up with the parade was that my fake eyelashes were going to come off,” Bartley said. He was utterly confused about how the parade was meant to happen, and he did not realize the representative were supposed to meet at the elementary school. It was a shock to not see Bartley at the beginning of the parade but everything continued smoothly 

Aside from the incident, the rest of the parade was smooth sailing. Many seniors in the band look back on their previous parade experiences with teary eyes, sad to have this parade be their last. The preparation that goes into the parade spans from late July up until the week of homecoming, spending hours on the band routines just to see the smiling faces of Laingsburg looking back at them. 

“This year’s homecoming parade has definitely been my favorite of any parade I’ve been in. Seeing all the people smiling back at us enjoying the parade was such a lovely sight!” Claire Sanderlin said. She felt honored to have been able to experience everything to do with homecoming season. 

Sanderlin is a member of the color guard squad and has been since her freshman year. She recalled all the wonderful memories of being in the parade, as she ended her reminiscing. 

“I am going to miss my band family next year, we work so hard towards something we all enjoy. These people will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Sanderlin.

Traditions like these are what keeps Laingsburg happy and content. All participants working towards the goal of performing and making people smile ultimately warms the heart.