The Pack Comes Back

Students elected on homecoming court gather to represent the best qualities Laingsburg has to offer.


Josephine Keenan, Reporter

As Laingsburgs High School students were bursting with excitement over homecoming approaching, a few students were preparing for the honor of representing their class on homecoming court.

For freshmen, this was their first look into what homecoming is like in high school. Evelyn Logghe shared her excitement and nerves about being on court. 

“I’m definitely a little bit of both because we’re the first ones in our grade to go through it and then I’m excited too because you get to do all the extra events like the parade.” 

The sophomore class is no exception to the fun and festivities they get to be a part of while participating on homecoming court. Looking forward to doing it all is sophomore Jackson Audretsch. 

“[I am] looking forward to playing in the game and being able to have my family members announced, very special moments”

It is an honor to be on homecoming court, Sean Divine expressed his gratitude towards his classmates for nominating him this year. 

“I think it’s pretty cool I get to represent the junior class this year and give a good representation of who we are and what we like to do,” Divine said.

For the seniors, this was their last high school homecoming. Everyone anxiously awaited all week to find out who the 2021 homecoming king and queen would be. 

The 2021 Homecoming Queen Leilani Johnson explained, “I was incredibly surprised to have won because I don’t consider myself to be a very popular person so I think it’s cool,” Johnson said.

Curtis Antcliff, the 2021 king said, “ I enjoyed walking down the 50 yard line and seeing all of the friends and family in the stands hooting and hollering.”

This year’s whole court was an amazing representation of Laingsburg High School, filled with unique, nice, and inclusive kids.