The Homecoming Assembly

This celebration of homecoming week offers fun games and music for students.


Olivia Rodriguez and Sydney Pohlod

Students usually view school assemblies as an excuse to get out of class. However, the homecoming assembly is a unique exception to this trend. The assembly allows students to have fun and show their school spirit.

 Each year, to celebrate the end of homecoming week, the school hosts an assembly to get everyone excited for the homecoming game. This year, it took place during the last couple periods of the day. The students left their classes and started down the hallway as they heard the drumline march past their classes.

The students arrived in the gym, and the grades that won the charity drive and spirit days were announced. Then, the LHS cheerleaders got everyone excited for the assembly. After all of this, it was time for the largest chunk of the assembly which students find the most fun: the games. 

“My favorite game that I participated in was probably human knot because we got out of it really fast,” said Sophomore Bella Strieff.

Playing games with peers allowed students to show their Wolfpack Pride in a different way than dressing up or decorating hallways; they got to celebrate being together and having fun. 

Grace Elfring who is a part of the yearbook committee said, “I got to take pictures this year, so it allowed me to get closer to the action.”

This being Elfring’s last homecoming assembly, she saw a new perspective she had not seen in her previous years. Capturing moments of it was her way of showing her school spirit.

This being the first homecoming assembly in two years, half of the students experienced the festivities for the first time.  

“I thought the assembly was fun,” Freshman Emilio Garcia said, “My favorite part was playing the mario kart game.” 

From the freshmen to the seniors, students at Laingsburg High School enjoyed the assembly as it allowed them to show their school spirit through playing games and cheering on their classmates.