Top 10 Movies to Watch Right Now!

Riley Walker, Reporter

 If you are looking for something to cure your boredom during this era of quarantining checking out the most popular movies on Netflix might be worth your while. 

Starting with an animated comedy by the name of ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ directed by Chris Renaud, this movie stars a group of house pets who go on a road trip and meet farm animals along the way. This movie is best enjoyed with a young child as the animals tend to cause the children to erupt in massive fits of giggles which makes the movie even more entertaining. 

Next up placing in the ninth spot is ‘Death of me’ directed by Darren Lynn Bousman most notably starring Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth. This 94 minute’r’ rated thriller is about a couple that is vacationing in a foreign country who have to uncover the truth behind a mysterious video that shows them killing one another. To survive they must reconstruct the previous night when the video had been seemingly taken.

Number eight on Netflix’s most watched movies is titled ‘Sightless’ , which is a psychological thriller directed by Cooper Karl starring Madelaine Petsch. ‘Sightless’ is a tale of an ex-violinist trying to recover from an assault that stole her vision and left her blind who grows uncertain of the new people in her life are. Madelaine balances the ratio of paranoia vs. reality beautifully as she struggles to get the people around her to believe that her assailant is still in her life. 

Seventh place is currently held by ‘Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure’ this animated movie is a toddler favorite, it stars the world renowned character ‘Baby Shark’ that sent children under the age of seven into a frenzy in 2019. Baby Shark and Pinkfong are on an outer space mission to collect all the missing bits of a star to return to their homes. 

Robert Rodriguez’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’ comes sixth place. This Sci-Fi family adventure film stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook, and YaYa Gosselin. When a group of superhero parents get kidnapped by Earth-invading aliens their children must find a way to save them before something terrible happens to the world. ‘We Can Be Heroes’ is a nice family friendly take on the superhero trope which shows children that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Penguins of Madagascar: the Movie’ holds a strong fifth place. This franchise of television shows and movies was a staple during my early childhood, the penguins in the Central Park Zoo were intelligent and lead my mind wandering to what i could invent when i was younger. It is what happens when spies combine their efforts with the penguins to take down an octopus like villain by the name of Dr. Octavius Brine from taking over Earth.

Psychological thrillers seem to be popular on this list as next up we have ‘The Vanished’ directed by Peter Facinelli. The movie showcases a happy family beginning their vacation in a secluded RV park, then it takes a dreary turn when their young daughter seemingly vanishes. Then they are informed by the sheriff that there is an escaped prisoner on the loose which terrifies the distraught parents even further. It had me and many other viewers questioning since the start of the film, as to why the manager of the RV park is so cold and rather unsettling, and why the sheriff was so suspicious. Typically I am not the biggest fan of thrillers but this one kept me on the edge of my seat and held my very short attention span the whole time, frankly I am shocked that this movie is not higher up on the list.

Yet again we have another thriller, ‘Homefront’ directed by Gary Fleder, starring James Franco, Winona Ryder, and more. After the main man’s wife passes away he retires from his role as a DEA agent and moves with his young daughter to a presumably quiet and small town. However, he was quickly forced out of retirement when a crazed druglord played by James Franco puts him and h8is child in harms way. This movie did not live up to my expectations, I expected a deeper plot line since it was written by Sylvester Stalone, but it fell short when they failed to give James’ character more substance. 

The runner-up on Netflix’s most popular movies list happens to be ‘Outside the Wire’, and shockingly enough it is yet another Sci-Fi Thriller movie. It is set sometime in the unspecified near future and depicts a drone pilot getting paired up with an undercover android officer to halt a nuclear attack in a war ridden place. Honestly this movie was very underwhelming, maybe thrillers are not my thing but it seemed like it was lacking in either the acting department or the plotline but either way it was fairly bland.

Winning first place is ‘Cut Throat City’ directed by RZA, this thriller is set in 2005 New Orleans amid Hurricane Katrina. Four tight knit friends pull off a very risky heist in the middle of bustling New Orleans. RZA honestly did a wonderful job showing how lower income neighborhoods were hit by Katrina the worst and how it’s residents struggled to hold onto hope of things getting better, after learning the story of why the theives did what they did it makes the watcher empathize with them. They were receiving little to no help in rebuilding their lives from the government so they decided to take it into their own hands. 

Out of all of these movies the ones i deem most worthy of views are ‘Sightless’, ‘The Vanished’, and finally ‘Cut Throat City’. All of these films were directed beautifully and held a lot of depth within their rather short time frames.