Meet Jessica Curry

New teacher at the Middle School

Danielle Jorae, Reporter

Teaching is an ideal career for those who love to work with children. Jessica Curry, a new teacher at Laingsburg Middle School, is absolutely thrilled to be back in a teaching position. 

Being a teacher means working with the students so that they can achieve success in their schooling and their everyday life, but, what else does being a teacher mean?

“I have always adored working with children! Before pursuing teaching, I was a Professional Ballet Dancer and taught dance to a vast range of ages, from 2 years old to adults. My love for teaching dance is a big piece of what led me to aspire to educate as a career,” Curry said. “I also know that teachers played a very influential role in my life and my hope is to inspire youth to be life-long learners and feel successful in all that they do.”

 “Teaching in the Laingsburg school district was always my top priority!” Curry claims. “After growing up in Laingsburg, I always wanted to return and give back to the community that helped make me who I am today.” 

Of course, teaching throughout the world has changed due to COVID-19. 

Curry elaborates, saying, “My preference is definitely to teach face to face versus virtual learning. My teaching style involves a lot of movement and collaboration, and that can be very challenging to do during COVID-19.”

 Even though it may be a challenge to adapt to this new setting, people are still finding ways to go about the school day as they normally would.

“Regardless, I get to do what I love each day, and that is making connections with students!” Curry said.