Life as a Senior

by Makayla Hagerty

Makayla Hagerty, Website Manager

Friday night lights gone, junior year prom gone, homecoming dance gone. Coronavirus has taken so much from us already, what is next? Are we going to have to go virtual learning again? Is everything going to get shut down and won’t be able to see family and friends for weeks on end again? 

This is how my senior year got turned upside down due to covid-19. When March 13, 2020 hit, governor Gretchen Whitmer shut all schools down and never opened back up before summer, so I had to finish my junior year online. Finishing junior year and becoming seniors, it does not feel the same because switching from face to face to online does not give us the same effect.

 Now senior year is here and we were faced with the choice to go in face to face or virtual. I did not know what to do because we want the closest to our normal senior year but am  also worried about COVID-19. Most of us made the choice to be in person. The new normal is grabbing your mask and backpacks as you get out of your vehicle. You have to wear a mask while on school property. Wearing a mask can be hard for some students to do as you have to have them all day and some students do not want to. Senior year has honestly sucked due to covid. Nothing is the same. We all just want a regular year. We have watched all the other classes of seniors enjoy their moments now it is time for ours.