An Open Letter to Students

by Cameron Allen

Cameron Allen, News Editor

Welcome back Laingsburg students!


My name is Cameron Allen, the Laingsburg High School’s newest editor for the student-run newspaper, The Informer. This year, not just as students, but as a community, we are tasked with facing the now normal. Not the new normal, the now normal. The now normal: we grab a face mask in addition to our backpacks before leaving the house. The now normal: desks are spaced six feet apart and classrooms operate within a minimum capacity. As a student at one of the few schools in the state of Michigan resuming in-person learning, it is our duty to effectively navigate the now normal.


To my fellow seniors, this is it. This is our last year and we have to make the best of it. Yeah, we may not be spending fall Friday evenings under the football stadium lights or attending our final homecoming dance, but that does not mean we need to drag ourselves down. College is right around the corner, literally and figuratively, so take a step back to enjoy the smaller things in life. Host a game night with your family. Go grab coffee with a friend. Our last day of school in Laingsburg is around 220 days away. Let’s make the most of it.


I am thrilled and honored to be The Informer’s newest editor, and I look forward to having an awesome school year with each and every one of you.