Building the School From the Ground Up

by Riley Walker

Riley Walker, Reporter

Laingsburg High School has very big plans when it comes to upgrading and adding onto the school. A multi-million dollar bill to upgrade Laingsburg Community Schools was proposed in May of 2019, in which citizens of Laingsburg were able to vote in favor or against the major change. 399 voted in favor of the construction and 219 voted in opposition of the idea. 

The Christman contract company began working on the school in May of 2020 with construction due to last until fall of 2021. Large strides have been made in terms of progress, although it has interfered with how students come into school every morning. Students are no longer allowed to come into the school through any other entrance aside from the front door where the buses pull in. 

 “[There is a] new secure entryway(…)which was renovated for cleaner and more streamlined usage,” Laingsburg High School’s Principal Brandon Woodworth said. Other additions that have been made so far have included a covered out-door porch for students to use in bad weather and the foundation for the new buildings to rest upon. 

By fall of 2021, students and faculty can expect to enjoy the following upgrades; a 650 person auditorium, a new auxiliary gym, guest locker rooms, an expanded band room along with extra practice rooms, and a renovated weight room.

Laingsburg’s drama program has needed to hold their performances in the cafeteria due to there not being room anywhere else on school grounds. Luckily, with the addition of the new auditorium, there will be plenty of room to complete a full production in a more professional and bigger space. 

 “Having the auditorium that Laingsburg Community Schools is building will be a dream come true. The opportunity allows for the growth of the fine arts programs. ” Dr. Jennifer Strickland, Drama Director, and Teacher said. Dr. Strickland is thrilled about the new auditorium as it would lead to higher quality and more enjoyable shows from the drama department.

However, the major outbreak in Covid-19 cases has affected the ability to get supplies in a timely manner. “The companies are following all protocols outlined in the Governor’s Executive Orders, such as wearing masks and social distancing when appropriate,” Woodworth said. The Christman Contracting team is following protocol while also doing a phenomenal job renovating the high school.