Parades for All

by Grace Graham

Grace Graham, Reporter

With all of the commotion that disrupted last year’s seniors, everyone in the community was thinking of creative ways to celebrate and send off the 2020 graduates. While taking into consideration the restrictions and executive orders, there were very few options; the idea that easily took the cake was a parade. This was the perfect way to showcase all of the senior’s accomplishments and bring some positive energy to the whole town. 

On May 31st, the graduates gathered at the Laingsburg Elementary School and made their way through the Homecoming Parade route, each with their own car and homemade signs. They ended at the high school to snap one last picture with all of their peers.

With that being said, I do not think that the end of COVID-19 should be the end of the fun. This event should become a new tradition in Laingsburg. Not only does it bring the community together, but it also gives the class a chance to be together and make some final memories before they move on. Not only that, but the family and friends of the students who do not attend graduation are able to see the students. The parade is easy to set up, which is ideal for the chaos at the end of every school year. 

Overall, I think that this parade should be a tradition that continues for years. I hope that the now college-students, and future graduates will look back and remember their community cheering and supporting them no matter where they end up.