Laingsburg Community Schools Implement New Federal Lunch Program

By Regan Yates

Regan Yates, Editor In Chief

On Wednesday September 23, a new program started through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), providing both free lunch and breakfast for any and all students enrolled in Laingsburg Community Schools. This is a great opportunity for all students to have a meal throughout the day without having to worry about price or affordability. 

The different schools each have different protocols for how to pick it up. In the elementary school, there are tables at each of the entrances where bus riders or parents can come to pick up the food as they walk out of the building. At the middle school, there is a table by the main doors in which students are encouraged to come by to pick up lunch, but it is not mandatory. Finally, at the high school, each student is expected to grab lunch as they are distributed at the door. 

This program is available to both face to face learners and virtual learners at Laingsburg. Face to Face learners for breakfast can merely stop by the cafeteria when they arrive at the school and get a brown ‘grab-and-go’ bag for lunch as they leave. For virtual learners, all meals will be available for pickup at the high school

cafeteria, via a drive-thru pickup, Mondays (meals for Monday-Wednesday)

and Thursdays (meals for Thursday and Friday) from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM. Virtual students will have to preorder these meals by emailing [email protected] no later than Thursday of the prior week. 

This program will take place until December 31 of 2020, or until the funding for the USDA runs out.