Movies are back (kinda)

Regan Yates, Editor-in-Chief

Friday, September 11, the Laingsburg Dairy Den and Subway hosted their first ever drive-in movie. The event was set to occur in March, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was forced to be rescheduled.

“It was too frantic and we postponed it. We’ve all been going through this craziness, I just wanted a little ray of sunshine,” Dairy Den owner Wendi Kribs said.

The drive-in was a fun experience for all ages as everyone watched Disney’s 2019 live action remake of the classic movie, Aladdin. Over 150 people arrived to enjoy the community event. Everyone had the option to either sit out on the grass and maintain 6 feet for social distancing or stay in their cars and listen to the movie through the radio.

“Everybody was just so respectful. When they came into the businesses, Subway and the Dairy Den, everyone had their masks on,” Kribs said.

To pull off such a big community event, lots of help was needed. Jeff the Magician entertained the people in the parking lot before the show. The licensing of the movie was procured by Rob and Jody Franks. Laingsburg’s Treasurer Paula Willoughby and Department of Public Works supervisor Dave Casler loaned all of the city’s equipment needed for the event including the projectors, screen, sound systems, and speakers. Local resident David Purcell, who creates annual Christmas light shows on Lake Victoria, supplied the radio transmitter, which tapped into the city’s equipment to play the sound. Finally, Joe Miller from complete construction Owasso provided the massive extension cords that plugged everything in.

“Because this is such a small town we have to stick together. (…) You’re never going to sit people down and ask them to agree politically on something. It’s just not going to happen,” Kribs said. “But we can all agree that ice cream is awesome and we can just eat ice cream and watch a fun movie. That’s what community is for me.”