Dance the Dirt Away

by Cadie Ellis

Cadie Ellis, Reporter

On Saturday, August 30, Spirit Expressions Dance Family had a car wash at Sage Market in Laingsburg, Michigan. 

The car wash was a fundraiser for the dance team to raise money for costumes, competition fees, and convention expenses. Since dance is very expensive, especially for the competition dancers, it is very important for the team to do lots of fundraisers.

“Car washes are so much fun!” studio owner, Jen West said. “They usually bring in several hundred dollars with a car wash.”

The girls on the team had a lot of fun with the car wash. They get to mess around and get to know each other better. 

“My favorite part of the car wash was being able to bond with the other girls on the dance team, while also being able to raise money for the team!” junior Maddie Angst said. 

The team originally used a system that included having a rinsing, washing, and drying team. However, teammates say that by the end, they usually end up filling in for other’s jobs throughout a couple of hours.

“By the end, we are all just doing what needs to be done, basically organized chaos!” sophomore Amelia Stone said. 

Although the team had chaos they made the best of the car wash by enjoying each other’s company. They got to have their first team experience of the year.

“The girls work together to get a job done, they laugh and play while doing it, and everyone goes home wet and sudsy,” West said. “Friendships are strengthened through activities like this.”