A sign of hope

Laingsburg high school teachers give back to seniors

Makayla Hagerty, Sports Reporter

Imagine waking up to cars honking in your driveway and you have no idea who the people are, so you go look outside and it happens to be one of your teachers or school staff members in your driveway jumping out of their vehicle. They give you your cap and gown for your high school graduation, and put a sign in your yard that says “Class of 2020” with your name on it.

 Due to the coronavirus, seniors missed out on so many things: their spring sports, last day of high school, senior skip day and a chance for their high school graduations. The staff of Laingsburg High School came up with a plan to put signs in every seniors’ front yard. They put a lot of time and effort into making a plan of how to hit every senior’s house.

“There were several details that needed to be right. Luckily for us Mrs. Babinski is amazing at details! She made sure all of the names were spelled correctly, picked up the signs, and mapped out where everyone lived so that we could organize the signs based on location around Laingsburg, principal Brandon Woodworth said, our staff was more than willing to come together to deliver the signs. I know we miss all of our students immensely.”  

They were very excited to see their students, even if some of the seniors had just woken up.

“Seeing the students was bittersweet! As educators, we crave the interaction and relationships built with students. None of us got into the business to strictly deliver content. We LOVE hanging out with kids everyday,” principal Woodworth said. “Seeing the excited (and maybe a little tired) smiles on everyone’s faces helped fill that void we are all feeling right now. We can only hope the surprise visit showed our seniors that we are thinking about them and how special they are to us!”

Not only was this different for the staff but also a nice surprise and unique way for the seniors to receive their cap and gowns. It was a new change to celebrate the seniors’ last day of high school. 

“It was a super fun and sweet way to do it. I was really excited to see two of my favorite teachers and the best councilor ever at my door,”senior Myia Danek said. “My brother had to wake me up but it was worth it.”