A Poem

By Ellie Thelen

Ellie Thelen

Do you know who I am?

Of course we do, how could we not?

It seems as though you do not know, nor care 

Oh but we do you see, we’ve taken the time to plant a flower upon you

And I do appreciate it, it is quite lovely… 

Why do you hesitate?

Anything you plant upon my surfaces is a blessing, but do you not see I am dying?

Do you not think we have given you enough?!

I embrace every breath of life you allow me, but you have walked heavily upon my aching grounds for hundreds of years and each year I fade faster. Do you not see?

We have brought light upon you and made you beautiful with our empires, all we see is a gift from us and nothing else!

I care not about your material idea of beauty for your light has cast much deeper shadows

Shadows? We see no darkness writhing upon you, we only see our flourishing works of art which you seem to care so little about! 

It’s just they become hard to love when my skin is set ablaze and my lungs are filled with smoke

They become hard to love when my blood begins to boil and my body begins to melt

They become hard to love when your kingdoms dump toxins in my veins and arteries and my heart begins to tire and then stop

They become hard to love when what is left of my living soul ceases to exist, while your lives continue to persevere


I’m dying don’t you see.


We see. But what will be done with our creations?

Your “creations” will soon fade to nothing as I have been for years

How can we make it stop?! We want to make it stop!  

Oh no my dears…the damage has been done.

It’s much too late for that.