Of sentiment; An Ode To Cal

A Poem by Myia Danek

Myia Danek

He who is distinguished unmistakably by his character, an animated companion amidst dull circumstances, spreads joy with each quip and banter. Any man or woman who cease to obtain the company of such identity, bypass great cheer in which his presence provides. The humor in which he graces us with, is a quality few among us possess, yet all wish to obtain in hopes of admiration. It is unique to himself and consumes every room. Such a beautiful mind is challenging for many to connect with, to understand and relate to due to its complexity, however with knowledge only to be explained as a genius, he displays such a brilliant capacity for learning and growth. Such aptitude shines amidst a duller intellect, nevertheless, he assists in providing aid for any who seek academic advance.

To many unfamiliar with him, he may appear aloof or reserved in the company of beautiful subjects, nervous energy suddenly accompanying him. While naive in the field of love, he carries with him a respectable confidence coupled with an approachable nature. As a sprout and water rely heavily on one another for purpose, he who depends too much on the presence of another may become consumed in competing for their attention: Nevertheless a harmless act of purity in the presence of engaging company.

I am infinitely grateful, not by virtue of greed, but an appreciation of my dear comrade, for his utmost dependable companionship and guidance. We share a recollection of adventures both planned and spontaneous by either party, those of which without delay are followed by immediate compliance and exuberant energy, adding a most candid turn to an otherwise prosaic day. And certain I am, that following each passing moment, our bond becomes closer and closer; Each laugh is a leap further to the edge of everlasting comradery and glee.

A friend of such genuine qualities, incognizant to recognizing others’ appreciation, deserves such an expression of gratitude capable of moving even the most resilient characters to a state of compassion. Conscious of the peculiar act of recognition set forth by myself, it is clear that I have rendered the subject sufficiently bewildered; Puzzled by the purpose of said essay, having committed no single act of specific kindness in recent memory, but instead demonstrated pure and charitable friendship towards myself and others.