Adopting Pets in Quarantine

Students welcome new members of their family

Riley Walker and Libby Zukatis

As Americans are staying home, due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, many are finding comfort in adopting and fostering pets from local shelters. Since the stay at home order has been put in place, many feel unmotivated due to lack of structure and a drastic schedule  change. However, many have attempted to remedy this fact by taking new dogs and pets on walks

The spikes in applications are drastic, especially in New York City. Many are admitting that it is due to finally having the time to love and care for a pet properly. In normal day-to-day life, they would be unable to give an animal the constant love and attention it requires.

 “This year, the ASPCA saw a nearly 70% increase in animals going to foster care compared to the same period last year,”  ASPCA President and CEO Matt Berdshadker said in an interview with CNBC. 

This is rather shocking due to the fact that since many have lost their jobs, rescue workers were expecting to receive more pets rather than having the shelters emptied.

“[Her dog] made me pretty happy because I have something new in my life,” sophomore, Gabby Motz said. 

There are many health benefits to owning pets, especially during times like these. Often, those who struggle with mental illness have reported that once they began caring for a new animal, it helped to ease their struggles. Interacting with a friendly pet can reduce cortisol (the main stress hormone) levels as well as release serotonin and oxytocin, two very important chemicals in the human brain that increase happiness.

Thankfully these pets were rescued from uncertainty in this time of crisis. Whether it ends up being long term or not, they have a loving home for the time being. If you have the means to adopt a pet you can contact New Hope Pet Rescue by phone at 765-343-9963 or by email at [email protected] . Adoption fees for puppies (0-11 months) cost $325, adult dogs (1-5 years) $275, senior dogs (6+ years) $200. If you are unable to adopt but would still like to help out, you can fill out a fostering application, NHPR will cover vet bills as well as the cost of food and toys.