Stuffies for Support Donation Drive

Laingsburg Sheriff’s Deputy and Girl Scout work together to supply the community with stuffed animals


Argus Press

Frank delivers stuffed animals for Deputy Lawson to distribute.

Casmir Palazzolo, Reporter

In these trying times, many organizations and regular people have been affected by the inability to travel. However, that is not stopping Girl Scout Allison Frank. She is working to create and improve a stuffed animal donation program called “Stuffies for Support”. The idea originally came from deputy Craig Lawson, who gives stuffed animals to children and adults he sees throughout the community.

“It’s fun to see someone sitting outside, stop, and have the kids go to the back of the car and pick something out,” Lawson said. “My mission is to make contact with people. I can always break the ice with toys.”

Frank was looking for opportunities to complete her Gold Award, the Girl Scouts’ highest honor. When she heard of Lawson’s need for stuffed animals from her mother Jody Frank, who works at the Shiawassee Regional Education Service District (SRESD), Allison Frank decided to create a donation program to supply Lawson with more stuffed animals for the community.

“The only way [Lawson] received stuffed animals was through word of mouth, and [he] never had enough to share with other officers,” Allison Frank said. “My goal [is] to create a formal organization that is well known.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only drop-off location is currently listed on Allison Frank’s Instagram page; however, there will likely be more in the future.

“Once we can go out, I plan to reach out to businesses and schools for [additional] drop-off locations,” Allison Frank said.

Allison Frank is also reaching out through Instagram and Facebook for donations. While some donations are new stuffed animals, many are gently used. Allison Frank encourages anyone considering donating to wash them first, but still washes and dries the animals herself.

“I still need to wash [the animals]. It’s better to be safe,” Allison Frank said.

Lawson received 100 stuffed animals from Stuffies for Support during an outdoor RESD meeting as a trial run of the donation program. Lawson often suffered from lack of supply due to the low publicity of the program. With Allison Frank spreading the word further and louder, more stuffed animals have become available to give to the public.

“I have four bags [of stuffed animals] in the back of my unit. I’ve already given a number away,” Lawson said. “I’ll probably share these bags with other deputies, but I’m stingy — they’re fine right where they are.”

For more information, visit @stuffiesforsupport on Instagram.