Seniors Say Goodbye

A Heartwarming Goodbye to the class of 2020

Elena Kozachik and Gabby Paquet

The global pandemic put the whole world on pause and that included the closing down of most schools in the United States. This affected many students, especially seniors. For most, they did not think that this is how they were going to have to say goodbye to their high school careers . 

The closing down of schools meant the cancelling of spring sports, dance recitals, band concerts, and taking part in co-curricular activities such as FFA and DECA.

“I feel lucky that we had such a great drama competition season before all of this,” senior Ava Brewer said. “However, I am bummed that so many band performances got canceled and our dance recital has been postponed.”

Some students participated in competitive sports outside of Laingsburg and were planning on competing around the country.

“I do competitive cheer and I was supposed to be competing at worlds, but it got unfortunately cancelled,” senior Emily Konieczny said. 

For a lot of seniors, their last school sports seasons abruptly came to an end. 

“My senior track season was cancelled, along with all my friends’ spring sports so I’ll never be able to cheer them on and watch them compete again,” senior Parker Gregg said. 

Along with sports, extracurricular activities and clubs suddenly coming to an end, the class of 2020 has also had to deal with the question of when their graduation ceremony, last prom, and open houses are going to be happening.  

“The uncertainty of the situation has all of us a little worried. Many of us have watched our siblings have their senior year, thinking ours would be just like it, and this isn’t how it was supposed to go,” senior Myia Danek said. 

A majority of the seniors have various advice to give to the upcoming seniors.

“Don’t take anything for granted and be in the moment at all times,” senior Taylor Chadwick said. “It will go by faster than you will realize.”

Some said to participate and get involved in everything that the school has to offer.

“Go to everything. Games, dances, and go all out for spirit week,” senior Emily Konieczny said. “Do everything because you never know when it’s gonna end and you don’t want to look back and feel like you missed out.”

Do not take the time with your friends, teachers, or classes you have for granted. It will go by faster than you realize. Get involved in everything you possibly can. In the future, you will not want to look back and regret things that you missed out on, but most importantly, take it all in and enjoy it!