Mental Health is Affected During Covid-19

Mental Health Takes a Plunge During Quarantine

Makayla Hagerty, Sports Reporter

The days grow longer and the stay at home order continues to extend. The stay at home order quarantine was put in place by Gov. Whitmer on March 23, 2020 to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic shaking the globe. During this time,  moods may begin shifting excessively. This is due to being stuck inside during quarantine and needing to social distance, which can have a large effect on one’s mental health. Many front line workers such as nurses, doctors, firefighters and police officers are dealing with declines in their mental health. Leading ER doctor Lorna Been, from New York, had treated 19 Covid-19 patients before taking her own life. Not only is Covid-19 affecting adults, it is also affecting teenagers who are stuck at home due to quarantine. Some teens may be worried about getting the virus and how long they will have to be at home,  worrying about these things may increase one’s anxiety.

Not only are teens stuck at home, but their whole world has just been turned upside down from many school activities being cancelled, not being able to see their friends who they used to see everyday, and not living life as they normally would. According to Jill Emanuele from Child Mind Institute, “A teen’s job is to become more independent and to be able to go out in the world and they’re being restricted right now.” Now that teens are stuck at home it has affected their mental health creating anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts in some.

Some things that might help with these effects are to practice calming techniques such as taking deep breaths, meditation, or listening to music. These methods can help calm anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts you should talk to an adult and seek help or call the suicidal hotline in East Lansing at (517) 337-1717.

Students at Laingsburg High School are keeping happy during this stay home order with online learning and rehearsing old skills so they will be prepared for the future.

“I’ve been keeping busy! I’ve been working on my dance routines for our recital which has been postponed, practicing my trumpet, and I have started doing hand letter and calligraphy with my mom and sister,” senior Ava Brewer said.

Some other great ways to stay happy during quarantine are cooking, reading, watching TV, and playing board games. It is also recommended that you make a list of things to do regularly to keep your mind distracted.

“I have been cooking dinner almost every night and it gives me something to do and a little bit of a schedule. I have also enjoyed the obvious, like TV shows and movies,” senior Bree Schlaack said.

These are different ways to stay happy and healthy during this hard time. Try to keep yourself busy and to stay inside for the time being, until the stay at home order is lifted. If you think that your mental health is in danger, be sure to call up a friend or seek professional help.