Students Stuck in Quarantine

Students Find New Ways to Stay in Touch and Keep Busy


Justin Grandy, Reporter

Being stuck in quarantine has thrown many wrenches into the daily lives of Laingsburg High School students. Students have gone from sitting in classes with their friends and teachers, to learning at home remotely. They have also had to spend time social distancing from friends due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Students stuck in quarantine are taking new steps to communicate with friends. They have taken to writing letters to each other, FaceTiming on their phones, and finding new ways to keep themselves busy at home. 

“To stay in touch with [my] friends, we’ve started writing letters,” senior Ava Brewer said. 

Due to social distancing guidelines, students have started writing letters for fun and to stay in touch. Other students have taken different measures to keep in touch with friends. 

“[My friends and I] mostly use FaceTime or Zoom to keep in touch,” senior Ellie Thelen said. “Sometimes we meet up at the park and sit at different tables to talk.”

Students have also had to find new ways to keep themselves busy while stuck in quarantine.  

“I’ve been riding horses, and rebuilding a chicken coop,” junior Lily Pino said. “I’ve also picked up painting.”

Staying busy has brought new challenges for students. Some have started learning new things. 

“To keep busy, I’ve been working on hand lettering and calligraphy with my mom and sister,” Brewer said.