In Loving Memory, To Our Senior Year

A poem by Myia Danek

Myia Danek

In loving memory, to our senior year


I wish to thank you, with a heavy heart, for each cherished moment you have provided us.

We know not how much time is left, until we blink and it all is gone.

As we hope to walk, to new beginnings each unique to us,

we hold dear, the recollection of your sweet and irreplaceable presence.

We mind the laughter which we crave in this woeful present,

presumed to be infiniteā€¦

until one day not.

We cherish the rich knowledge that our mentors grace us with each morning,

carrying such ripe wisdom with us as we strive to attain more in our future endeavors.


And to my most adored peers


You show each soul, kindness, even in times of struggle, which you too endure.

You support me when I do not have the strength,

and undoubtedly so, you inspire me to achieve greatness as you do.

You all, together, have made these past 9 months unforgettable in so many ways.

We made it here, right now, together,

through worldly obstacles and immeasurable discomfort.


Thank you for being strong together.

Thank you for being kind to one another.

Thank you for being there for each other.

Thank you.

Thank you to the class of two thousand twenty.