Order on the Court!

Varsity boys basketball goes head to head with Potterville

Makayla Hagerty, Sports Reporter

On January seventh the Wolfpack Boys Varsity Basketball team met the Potterville Vikings in a head to head competition. 

Zach Hawes and #50 from Potterville jumped for the basketball to start the game. Wolfpack  played tight defense to lock down on the Vikings from score. Gabe Hawes dribbled down the court, passed to Aidan Soeltner, then to Jesse Gugel. He drove to the basket and scored Laingsburg’s first point of the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was 10-9 with Vikings lead. 

In the second quarter Potterville got the ball, dribbled down the court, and drove to the basket  before getting blocked by Gabe Hawes from behind. When Laingsburg got the ball Zach Hawes drove it down and made a three point shot. 

The Wolfpack had the lead for most of the first half. Potterville caught up to them taking the lead at half time. 28-21 Potterville at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, Gabe Hawes dribbled down the court to get the wolfpack plays. He passed to Zach Hawes, he drove into the basket to make a lay up to start off the second half making the score 32-23 with pottervilles lead. Zach Hawes takes the ball down to the Wolfpack basket and shoots a lay up and but gets fouled and makes the shot and he makes his free throw. 

The fourth quarter started with Potterville’s 53-36. With the clock ticking down, Laingsburg tried to close in on the Potterville now leading 62-54. Potterville at the free throw line shot two with 49 second left the score is now 66-62. With the second half keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, Laingsburg lost the close game 68-67.

 The following day, after reviewing the film Laingsburg realized that during the 3rd quarter at  3:17 seconds, Potterville score changed from 45 to 47 when the ball went out of bounds. The issue was brought to MHSAA attention by coach Daniel Morrill and is currently under review. 

“The most important thing for me and my team is that we only focus on the things we can control [the score]  is not one of them. We need to look at the film at a standpoint, learning what we can do better and what we need to improve upon,” coach Daniel Morill said.