Meet Me in St. Louis Review

Meet Me in St. Louis re-released for it’s 75th anniversary

Regan Yates, Editor-in-Chief

In November of 1944, the movie “Meet me in St. Louis,” directed by Vincente Minnelli, was released to theaters in the United States. It is safe to say that the majority of young people have never heard of it, unless they were introduced to it by an older family member, like I was. In light of its 75th anniversary, the movie has been rereleased to theaters nation-wide, for a limited time.

When I heard that the film was coming to theaters, I was beyond excited and overjoyed to be able to experience it on the big screen.

For those who have not seen this classic movie, it stars Judy Garland (who many may know as Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz”) as well as other famous actors from the time period. The film is centered on a large family in the early 1900’s that learns lessons about life and love as they prepare to move to New York due to the father’s new job.

Rewatching this movie was refreshing, as I remembered what made this movie so great: from a whirlwind romance between Ester Smith played by Judy Garland and the boy next door, John Truett (Tom Drake) to the fun, upbeat songs, such as “The Trolley Song.” This movie is engaging and walks through the lively experiences of a family in the 1900s, instead of highlighting the economic struggles of the Great Depression era like many other period pieces.

One thing that I found interesting about the rereleased production was a series of brief facts added in the beginning and at the end of the movie that shared some details about the film and the actors. Fun Fact: Judy Garland refused the role at first because she was tired of playing teenagers with teenage problems; the director eventually convinced her agent, and she was placed in the role despite her refusals. It all worked out in the end, because after the movie was finished, “Meet Me In St. Louis” became Garland’s favorite project.

Another fact that I found quite interesting-the famous song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was first sung by Garland for the movie and since then has remained one of the most popular Christmas songs to date. Because of this song, many people like to watch “Meet Me In St. Louis” to get them into the Christmas spirit.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Christmas, optimistic period pieces, and a heartwarming film about love and family. I love this movie and think that anyone can find something to love about it as well.