Elementary students share lunch with those they love most


Emma Heyd, Reporter

Lunch With A Loved One  is a long standing LES tradition; a fun time for elementary school students to show their loved ones around the school, eat lunch together and visit the school’s book fair. It is also an opportunity for family members: older siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to connect with their child’s world during school hours.

      “Showing my parents around my room and around the book fair is always really fun,” fifth- grade student Kendall Micheals said.

The students love to show their special guest around the school almost as much as the parents like to listen about the kids’ daily activities. 

“My favorite part is just seeing my parents at school because our school is so small, but our parents are so tall,” fourth-grade student Ava Rann said.

Students, teachers, book fair volunteers, all enjoy Lunch With A Loved One because it offers a tiny break from the usual school activities and routines.

“My absolute favorite part is when the boys and girls empty out their pockets and count their change to buy books because that is always really cute to watch. I also love when they come and preview the books and they don’t just look for a book they might like, they sit down and start reading it underneath the tables,” second grade teacher Mrs. Green said.