Get a Hustle in your Bustle

Tips on how to improve your grades and keep your parents happy

Emma Heyd, Reporter

Many students fall behind in high school and it affects their education, grades, and stress levels. This becomes more transparent at the end of the term when parents check up on their kids to see what their grades are.

To prevent awkward and uncomfortable “grades” conversations with their parents, to prevent getting bad grades and stressing out over academics, students can learn and develop some simple habits that will benefit them in the long run.

First, becoming more aware in class can help improve grades. One thing students can do in class is take detailed notes. Some students prefer more colorful notes to catch their eye. Others like to highlight important terms to emphasize certain points. Students can also annotate or highlight passages. This aids the student with finding words her or she may not know. Overall, experimenting is the best way to figure out what works best for a specific student.

Additionally, talking to the teacher regularly can help students improve. Students can also check the teacher’s website or school website to keep up with work-most teachers have resources posted if a student is in need of a worksheet or notes. Students should not be afraid to talk to their teachers, instead they should learn to communicate effectively.

Finally, the way students study at home greatly influences the outcome of their grades. Tests are worth much more than worksheets or quizzes, so getting a good grade on a test is one of the most important things a student can do to benefit his or her grade. There are many ways of studying for tests such as rewriting notes, making notecards, and playing different games with the unit terms or expressions. Rewriting notes can help a student understand a certain aspect he or she did not understand beforehand or help gather information missed the first time. Making notecards may help hands-on learners because they have to write the terms and definitions or question and answer by themselves. There are lots of online resources that allow students to make different quizzes or content based games. This is useful because students can review in a fun way. Therefore, studying is helpful for any student’s sake to get better grades on tests, quizzes, or even homework.

Kids do not have to study non-stop because it is beneficial to take brain breaks every now and then to not become overwhelmed. Being able to study and take breaks is very hard when a student has a busy schedule, but it all pans out in the long run and is in the best interest of those planning to get into college or get a job. Students need to take time out of their lives to understand the material, talk to teachers, and study for tests. All of these are very important to help improve a student’s grade.