Senior’s Last Day 2019

Grant Goetschy, Reporter

Senior’s last day, a happy end to a long chapter. After a long and winding path, the 2018-2019 seniors have officially completed their last day of high school at Laingsburg High School.

The seniors’ last day took place Friday May 16. They started the day by eating breakfast together in the large group room, while their day’s itinerary was laid out by counselor, Tammy  Babinski. The seniors then viewed the senior video, which was comprised of a few short clips from each student’s last year of high school. Following this, they loaded up onto two buses, gown on and cap in hand, and departed for the ECEC.  The not so collected students also got to turn in any last homework assignments.

“I kind of have a lot of mixed feelings about leaving high school, I’m really happy at the moment, but I feel like later I’ll be sad,” Riley Lawson said.

Although the day overall stirred different emotions, there were certain parts of the day that had more meaning than others.

“The walk through of all the schools, to me, is really important because I’ve spent a lot of years here in my life,” senior Ava Doyle said. ”It’s really nice to rekindle all those memories.”

The graduating class got to walk in front of the students from the ECEC, elementary, and middle schools. Their heads were held high with anticipation for their new and exciting future, and were able greet their past teachers.

“I’m just looking forward to going to college, and getting some new experiences,” senior Caleb Fischer said.  “And kind of moving on from high school.

The students completed their activities by counting down the final seconds to the dismissal bell of their last day of school at Laingsburg.