Abortion Pro Con

New Abortions Laws Spark Controversies from Both Sides

Kezzie Dietz and Olivia Sivak


Kezzie Dietz

Alabama has just passed a new abortion law which essentially prohibits abortions. With this law in place, performing an abortion would be considered a Class A felony. I support the law passed because killing innocent human life is wrong. Today in America there is approximately one abortion every 30 seconds, which is the equivalent of 1.085 million per year.

“The world believes that a person can exist with no value. (…) We do not believe there is such a thing as a living human being that has no value,” said Author Rachel Jankovic.

To support abortions goes against the very essence of the most basic values of our country. According to our founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

The mindset of today is solely based upon the concept of “my body, my choice.” In opposition to that, it is NOT just the body of the mother at that moment; the mother has another dependent human being inside of her. It is argued, “if it is my body, then it is my choice,” but the if and then imply that it is one singular body and that whatever is done, is done to the one singular body. That is not true because a baby is its own being with its own DNA makeup and its own body. If that baby were an actual part of the mother’s body, as if it were an arm or a leg, no ethical doctor would agree to remove it just because the mother did not want it.

However, as Kirsten Watson, the Co-founder of the One More Foundation states, “ A right isn’t a right if I only apply it to ME and remain unwilling to grant to others what I ask for myself. To put it simply, a woman’s right over her own body does not include the right to end the life of an innocent human being.”

We also can not say that a child does not have a right to life because it has to depend upon its mother for years after its birth, which can be an inconvenience to its mother. Does dependency change humanity? Does location change humanity?

Abortion is not just a matter of morality. It is a matter of simply looking at science. At 18 days a baby’s heart beats; at 8 weeks all organs function; at 9 weeks the baby has individual fingerprints; at 10 weeks a baby can feel pain, and at 12 weeks a baby can smile. Obviously this is a human being.

Being pro-life means you see the value in every human life. All life has value,  since every life is sacred from conception to death.


Olivia Sivak

A young girl is raped and has her whole life ahead of her, should she really be expected to give up nine months of her life to form a baby she was anything but ready for? A mother who intentionally gets pregnant but finds out her baby has a rare condition that will ultimately kill the fetus or cause him or her to be born brain dead. Or even if a person gets pregnant and is not ready to have a baby. What many people do not think about is a child’s life after they are born. If someone is thinking about getting an abortion maybe they are unfit to give that child the necessities to live a stable life. People also unfortunately go straight to the thought of putting a child through foster care or adoption. Some foster homes are inadequate and leave children needing things while going completely unheard. Foster homes generally consist of multiple kids, making it difficult for foster parents to give the children what they need. Why should it be anyone’s choice aside from the person that is pregnant to choose whether or not that woman carries her child? People should not be making choices about other people’s bodies.

This is already one of the most difficult choices a woman will ever have to make. Why should we make her feel even worse about it? If it is her body, it should be her choice. She should not be expected to explain this life-altering decision to anyone.  Making abortions illegal will not completely stop abortions. It will take away safe and healthy abortions. Unsafe abortion is done by a person who does not have proper materials nor the education to perform this life threatening procedure. Rather than making abortions illegal, we should consider better reproductive education and easier access to birth control.