Tips and Tricks for an Awesome Grad Party

Learn How to Spice up Your Grad Party Today!

Ellie Thelen, Reporter

One of the most common, fun, and joyous events that typically follow a senior graduation is the hosting of an open house. Friends and family come together and celebrate the hard work and dedication the newfound graduates put in to reaching the end of their high school careers. Although these events can be entertaining, fun, and leaves everyone in high spirits, they can also be a hassle to plan and organize.  It is important to think about how to make the gathering fun for both the guests and graduates, while also keeping in mind the costs and expenses that come with the planning.

When organizing the celebration, party-planners should first start the process by creating a guest list. It is important that the planners know about how many guests plan on attending the affair so they know how much food and seating arrangements to have available for party goers. Not to mention how many thank you cards that will be needed to mail out after the event.

Next in line on the list of important things to do for an AWESOME open house is to create a budget for the event and a list of everything needed to put the event together. Open houses often cost much more than planners expect, and it is extremely helpful to put together a list and calculate how much money that is willing to be spent on the event. This includes everything from table decorations, to food, to location of the party. Something nice to think about when planning the budget is considering hosting a joint open house with a close friend or family member in order to save money and cut down a few costs.

Now that everything from guest lists to the budget have been figured out it is time to start thinking about when the event will be held! The best times for guests over the weekend are typically from noon to six o’clock in the afternoon. Consider trying to plan the party more than three hours so guests have time to converse and come and go within a reasonable time period because it is possible they may be going from open house to open house. With that in mind, during this time of year everyone is looking for a day to plan their open houses, so remember that it is impossible to please everyone with the date and time chosen for the event.

Also, when planning an open house it is always fun and a cute idea to add a little flare to the event by providing any type of entertainment for the guests that have attended the event. It is also always a nice idea to make sure the entertainment is ongoing or easy to start quickly. For example, setting aside a table with a slideshow or poster board presentation of pictures of the graduate with their friends, as a child, in high school, or anything else. It is also great to provide entertainment that is easy and fun to participate in such as pickup basketball games or kareoke.

          Food. Food is one of the many important things people look forward to, aside from coming to the event to congratulate the graduate. When thinking about what kinds of food that will be provided at the open house, it is key that convinive is considered first and foremost. Most of the food should be easy ‘grab-and-go’ finger foods that can be eaten when walking around. Also do not forget to provide something to drink, even if it is something as simple as water or lemonade.

Finally, a great idea to keep in mind is giving something back to the guests in return for attending the open house. This can range anywhere from providing bottles of water or cups of mints to making goody bags for guests to grab before leaving. This is also a good idea for planners who may be looking for a way to avoid writing and sending out thank you notes to every guest who attended.

All and all, there are many ways to plan an amazing open house, but it always comes down to what the planner and the graduate want. Just remember to have fun and enjoy celebrating the new graduates!