Advice For Upcoming Freshman

Laingsburg High Schoolers Share the Secret to Surviving

When younger students think of high school, the first things that usually come to mind are mean upperclassmen, hard teachers, exams, standardized tests, a list that only goes on from here. The freshman class of 2018-2019 were worried about these exact things when they first came to high school. Through trial and error, these students have developed advice for the incoming freshman class of 2019-2020.

“Don’t slack off in high school because either you’ll end up paying for it or you will have to struggle through it for the rest of the year,” freshman Tyler Flynn Lacey said. “You should still do your hardest and do the best that you can,”

As the year went on, the freshman learned some tips and tricks that have helped them get through the school year.

“I would say to put yourself out there and get into as many clubs or things that interest you that will help you in the long run,” Freshman Danielle Miller said.

Miller also has some more light hearted advice for the eighth graders.

“I wish I would have known before I came to high school, not to stand in the middle of the hallways and actually walk, you also have to walk really fast because [the upperclassmen] will yell at you if you walk too slow,” Miller said.

Although the underclassmen have some great advice, the upperclassmen also have some.

“Some advice I have learned in my past three years of high school, is to be yourself and find a group of friends that bring out the best in you,” junior Elena Kozachik said.

Though high school can seem daunting, throughout the year tips are picked up that make high school much easier. With some good advice, high school can be one of the best times of somebody’s life.