Teen Employment

Teens Start Looking for Summer Jobs to Pass the Time

Regan Yates, Editor

With the school year drawing to a close, students are preparing for sun tanning, sleeping in, and swimming, but others spend their time looking for summer jobs. These jobs range from creating a lemonade stand to becoming a waitress or even a lifeguard.

Many students in Laingsburg take up jobs at local establishments such as PDP’s pizzeria or the Dairy Den. Others take their applications to other workplaces such as Peacock Road Tree farm working weddings and receptions throughout the summer.

“It’s not challenging balancing school and work but more balancing friends and work because I mainly work weekends and that’s the only time we can get together,” sophomore Emilie Saint Amour said.

The ability to be able to get a job in the summer depends on many factors. These can range from your age, job experience, ability to drive, and availability due to extra curriculars.  Others are pressured to get jobs to support their family or their own expenses such as gas.

According to Fox Business, getting a part time job for teens is more difficult due to the unemployment rate continues to grow, adults are filling up the part time job positions usually taken by teens. Now 25% of the teen population who are 16-19 years old are unemployed.

The number of jobs available to teens is much different than when most adults were young. In the past it was easy to get a part time job in a store or restaurant, but times have changed. Now teens are applying to as many as 25 jobs, go through interviews and lengthy application processes, and most likely still come up with nothing.

As you can see, times have changed and getting a job as a teen is much harder than before. For any student who is considering getting a job this summer, do not be discouraged. Remember to keep trying and keep your head held high.