Memorial Day Celebration

A Small Town Honors Those Who Served


Makayla Hagerty, Reporter

Memorial day, a day honoring American soldiers veterans that have  died serving the country in war. Memorial day can also be called Decoration Day, but most of us know it as Memorial day. It was named Decoration day because they used to decorate graves with flowers, flags, and or wreaths. Some people still decorate their family members or friends graves. This day was originally to honor military personnel who died in the Civil War. This day now honors those who died in any war while serving for the United States.

“Memorial Day to me means a time to spend with family and recognize all the veterans that have served,”sophomore Sophia Dittrich said.

Some people spend this day going on short vacations, camping, or go to their cottages or cabins.

Other people might stay home spending time with family or friends. Parents with younger children might decorate desserts with them or read them a book about it.

“My friends I got together and just hung out”Sophomore Jacob Welch said.

151 years later we are still celebrating  Memorial Day. At the Laingsburg cemetery, American Legion Post 248 held a service for all the fallen veterans.

This service included the Laingsburg High school band playing,the disabled veterans honor, pastor, Michigan representative, and commander post Alex Hagerty all talked about memorial day and what they have thought. After the service at the cemetery everyone was invited back to the legion to watch the rising of the flag and have hotdogs afterwards.

“Playing at the legion during the flag raising is a very memorable experience,” sophomore Brianne Jones said. “You feel very honored to be living in this country and are very thankful to be free.”

No matter how you spent your Memorial Day, remember that this day isn’t just a three day weekend off from school, remember that this is a time to honor our fallen heroes who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.